Check Out My “Mental: A Novel (2018)” Black Friday (11/29/19) Pinterest Ad!

Here’s to a successful advertising campaign!

Books by Marie K Johnston

My “Mental (2018)” Pinterest advertisement is currently under review, to be released at some point tonight!

Check it out here:

This ad, featuring the cover art from “Mental,” will run daily to an audience containing you and 60 million others, until 12/9/19!

And, as always, you can follow me and read my biography and bibliography here,

…where you can preview and purchase “Mental (2018)” as an eBook ($9.99) or a paperback ($9.99)!

Thank y’all for following and reading!


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Brilliant, Beautiful and Brave—Choosing a Manic Stance in My Creative Life

Books by Marie K Johnston

My psychiatrist’s goal of pulling me out of a seemingly endless bout of mania was achieved about two weeks ago. Far from turning out to be grateful for this feat, I have gradually found myself pretty much disappointed in what remained of my life after the manic glow had dissipated.

My delusion of being recognized for my writing, something I believed in wholeheartedly because it seemed so tangible when I lived under the manic spell, turned out to be less evident once the bubble burst. The audience I thought I was writing for is smaller than I thought when manic. My judgement of my creative skill today is much more critical than it was under the haze of a manic sun.

These facts caused me great anxiety as I tried to reenter “real” life. I hated admitting that it wasn’t the exciting, passionate and mostly positive life I had believed…

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