Marie K Johnston Reopens Her Resume Package Company, Astute Pursuits, on 10/31/19!

Marie K Johnston (aka Kristen M McCurry) reveals the revamp of her resume package company, Astute Pursuits ( today, October 31, 2019!

Happy Halloween!

Astute Pursuits has been “Assisting in Dream (Job) Achievement Since 2010!”

I would like to extend an offer of mutual exclusivity to you now:

I am selling One Page Resumes/One Page Cover Letters with attention to layout, design, word choice, and your unique “three point skill set” today!

Astute Pursuits Resume Packages are written and returned to your email address within 48 hours of your order and cost a mere $75 via PayPal!

Astute Pursuits Resume Packages are going like hotcakes so far today!

Reserve your spot in my work queue now by visiting my official business website,, reading a little persuasive writing about how I will use my Ivy League education to help you get a better job, and emailing me at to get started now!

An Astute Pursuits Resume Package is a smart investment in your future!

Feel free to contact me at or fill out the short contact page located at now to get the ball rolling!

Thank you in advance for your business!

Marie K Johnston/Kristen M McCurry


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