First 5 Chs of Part Three of “Mental,” As Recounted in Quotes

Here they are–the carefully chosen quotes, one from each of the first five chapters of Part Three of “Mental”–I am proud to present them to you in word art form.

This section of the novel is narrated by our heroine and the previous subject of the novel, Eve, while she reflects on getting past a large, scary nervous breakdown–a breakdown which consisted of remembering her incest experiences, her disappointment in her chosen profession (teaching high school English) instead of being helped financially by her rich mother to afford to go to Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism to become a professional writer, and learning to live with a mental illness.

I hope you will understand, at least a little more completely, what our heroine feels during her nervous breakdown, since I wrote it from copious experience having my own. I hope it seems true to life, and is somehow (despite the topic) still an enjoyable and compelling read, full of lyricism and prose-poetry.

ch 35 quote.jpeg


ch 36 quote.jpeg


ch 37 quote.jpeg


ch 38 quote.jpeg


ch 39 quote.jpeg


ch 40 quote.jpeg


book graphic (4)


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