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A Signed Book Giveaway in May 2020!

Books by Marie K Johnston

I am now working with a marketing company to create buzz for my published work!

The first contest to drum up awareness of, and interest in, my work is contest to choose your favorite book cover out of the four books I’m currently promoting: “Mental (a novel), “Dandelions (a poem for children and their parents),” “Disaster and Harmony (a poetry collection),” and “Cosmogony (a long poem in rhyme and meter).” Three winners will be chosen at random to win a signed copy of each book. An image of each cover can be found below:

I painted the cover art for “Mental” and “Dandelions” in my art room, so I’m secretly hoping that you guys think one of these two covers is the best!

You will also have a chance to follow me on Goodreads, Pinterest and Facebook after you choose your favorite cover, so please visit these sites! I have…

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“Disaster and Harmony: 2000-2019 (2019),” A Poetry Collection

Books by Marie K Johnston

“What is risk when this is all we have–

the houred day,

the finite span of years,

consciousness of aging

and sure death beyond.

I would rather make risk my lover…”

Disaster and Harmony: A Poetry Collection, 2001-2019

Disaster and Harmony(2019) is full of poems that deal with personal struggle, difficult relationships, true love(s), searching for peace, and finding joy despite chaos and pain. These poems were composed between the years 2001-2019 and are randomly arranged.

Johnston writes frankly about deep depressions, marriage and family, being in love, beginnings and endings, taking joy in little and big things, and personal growth.

This is her third book of poetry. Johnston recently publishedDandelions(2019), a long poem about the wonders of a childhood spent in Nature andCosmogony(2019), a rhyming and metered poem about the natural world and one girl’s place in it. She is also the author…

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“Dandelions (2019),” A Poem For Children and Their Parents

Books by Marie K Johnston

“Instead of little boys, dandelions had

come out to play, their furry heads

swaying to flower music and their tiny

leaves waving him a hello…”

—Dandelions (2019)

Dandelions(2019) will be a delight for anyone interested in the simple joys of childhood. Charlie Taylor is a little boy who believes adventure will always be found around the next corner. He inadvertently discovers one of Nature’s secrets in the field where he normally plays with his friends, and then hurries home to share this new knowledge with his mother.

Told in vivid, modern stanzas,Dandelionsis a gently unfolding tale about the innocence of childhood and the wonders of Nature. Setting this story in rural Spring, TX, where Johnston grew up, allowed her to create a lovely, realistic yet magical backdrop to this long poem.

This is Johnston’s third book of poetry. She is also the author ofCosmogony(2019), a…

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“Cosmogony (2019),” A Poem in Rhyme & Meter

Books by Marie K Johnston

“Stretched upon the cream velvet sky,

I watched a soft violet glow press nigh

against all below as first dawn;

it was I who silenced Earth’s yawn….”

Cosmogony (2019)

Cosmogony(2019) is a rhyming and metered poem that came to Johnston during a hurricane and subsequent flood in Spring, TX, her hometown, in 1994. In this tale, the major forces of Nature in turn tell their origin stories to a dreamy seventeen year old girl on a Galveston, TX beach and she spins their words into her own tentative life philosophies.

This poem, exactingly created in a sort of time vacuum when the natural world around her was on center stage, is a great example of her early ability to transfuse beauty and hope into her writing.

Readers familiar with Johnston’s 2018 release ofMental, a novel which focuses on one woman’s determination to be whole and happy…

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“Mental (2018),” A Novel

Books by Marie K Johnston

“But all the chartreuse buds on the new spring branches are also the brown crispy leaves that blow to the ground in the fall. It’s natural. It’s the way life works…”

–Chapter Sixteen, Mental

Mental (2018), which took 23 years to complete, is based on Johnston’s late teens and early twenties in the 1990s in Texas. Weaving journalistic scrutiny with magic realism, Mental draws upon a broad set of themes, all of which reveal why one young woman’s emergence from childhood to take responsibility for her life was belated.

Told by identical twin narrators in three parts,Mentaldelves deeply into the inner workings of the psyche to achieve a hard won happy ending, leaving the reader with the suggestion that it is one’s attitude that directs one’s fate. Drawing upon Buddhist wisdom and with a strong foundation in the natural world,Mental‘s subject matter may at times be…

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My Homeschool Interdisciplinary Unit of “The Diary of Anne Frank” by Anne Frank

As some of you know, I spent the first 10 years of my career post-college teaching high school English. Now, with the coronavirus pandemic raging, I find myself at home with my 8 year old daughter, Chloe, and it is time for homeschooling to begin!

I am beginning to quick-plan a unit about “The Diary of Anne Frank,” a book that seems more relevant than ever because like Anne, we are trapped in a small space and have to make the best of it. Like Anne, Chloe is a young girl who has dreams and feelings that are big, including not wanting to be homeschooled. I am envisioning watching clips of the “World War II in Color” that I have on my DVR, looking at maps of Europe, Chloe starting her very own journal, reading on Kindle, creating art in our art room, doing HIIT workouts as P.E., learning French, watching astrophysics videos on her iPad, and delving into the world of multiplication and division!

So, look here for ideas for your own homeschooling experience and follow along with us as we embark upon a new world of learning and making learning real-life a real-life adventure in our own home!

I am soooo excited! Eventually, Chloe will be too!

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Check Out My “Mental: A Novel (2018)” Black Friday (11/29/19) Pinterest Ad!

Here’s to a successful advertising campaign!

Books by Marie K Johnston

My “Mental (2018)” Pinterest advertisement is currently under review, to be released at some point tonight!

Check it out here:

This ad, featuring the cover art from “Mental,” will run daily to an audience containing you and 60 million others, until 12/9/19!

And, as always, you can follow me and read my biography and bibliography here,

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Thank y’all for following and reading!


Marie K Johnston/Kristen M McCurry

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Brilliant, Beautiful and Brave—Choosing a Manic Stance in My Creative Life

Books by Marie K Johnston

My psychiatrist’s goal of pulling me out of a seemingly endless bout of mania was achieved about two weeks ago. Far from turning out to be grateful for this feat, I have gradually found myself pretty much disappointed in what remained of my life after the manic glow had dissipated.

My delusion of being recognized for my writing, something I believed in wholeheartedly because it seemed so tangible when I lived under the manic spell, turned out to be less evident once the bubble burst. The audience I thought I was writing for is smaller than I thought when manic. My judgement of my creative skill today is much more critical than it was under the haze of a manic sun.

These facts caused me great anxiety as I tried to reenter “real” life. I hated admitting that it wasn’t the exciting, passionate and mostly positive life I had believed…

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